Shop Smarter. Not Harder.

3 Ways to Shop Smarter, NOT harder.

If you have a shopping “habit,” having a deal seeking mentality is a great thing. I love a great deal, but I wouldn’t call myself a “couponer” or anything. I just like to put myself in a position to know when, where, and how to get good deals! So, here are three ways I have learned to shop smart and save some money….for later shopping trips of course! ūüėČ

1. Retail Me Not

I have to admit my mom got me hooked on Retail Me Not! ¬†She would never let me forget to check Retail Me Not before any purchase. ¬†If you have never used Retail Me Not, it is a coupon app that provides you with both in store and online coupon codes to save money during your purchase. ¬†The deals on Retail Me Not are not exclusive to clothing brands either; you can find deals on just about anything…even food ūüôā I would definitely recommend downloading the app on your phone if you haven’t already! It is a free and easy way to save money on what you love. ¬†I have saved at places like H&M, Steve Madden, and most recently Foot Locker.

I went to Foot Locker about a week ago to pick up a pair of¬†Nike Flyknits. ¬†I tried on them on, figured out which size I wore, and was about to purchase when I decided to check for a coupon on Retail Me Not. ¬†Low and behold, there was a 20% off coupon code for an online purchase. So, I did what any good shopper would do…I sat in Foot Locker and ordered the sneakers on my phone for in store pickup! ¬†This way I picked up the sneakers right in store about 15 minutes later and saved 20% on my purchase because why would anyone choose to pay¬†more than they have to?



UNiDAYS is my FAV!  UNiDAYS is a coupon website/app that is exclusive to students (sorry to any non-students).  UNiDAYS provides coupon codes solely for online retailers, but the deals are amazing!  I kid you not. With a UNiDAYS membership you can get exclusive deals at online retailers like Asos, Missguided, Levis, etc. You can even personalize your profile to show coupon codes for brands you like shopping. Missguided is one of those brands for me and UNiDAYS does not let me forget it! There is consistently at least a 40% Missguided coupon code for UNiDAYS members.  How could anyone pass up a deal like that? All you have to do is sign up using your student email address and start saving on your favorite brands!

Screen Shot 2017-04-24 at 12.14.13 AM.png

3. Google Your Favorite Brands

Let Google do the work! I know Google seems like an obvious way to find deals, but not everyone remembers to check it for coupon codes. Typically, if there are no coupon codes for what I am shopping on Retail Me Not or UNiDAYS, I check Google because you really never know what deals you may find!

I hope you enjoyed this post! Like, share, comment, and start saving! 

Peace & Blessings – Candace


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