My NYC Trip

Hey there!  This past weekend I went shopping in NYC with my mom and it was no joke! We hit some of the major shopping hubs in the city in just about 24 hours.  We went to 5th Avenue, SOHO, Times Square, and Downtown.

My mom flew into Baltimore, MD on Thursday night from Jacksonville, FL and we drove to NYC the next morning.  We arrived at the Westin in Times Square around 12:00pm, checked in, grabbed a map and were off to shop!

The concierge told us that we could walk to 5th Avenue from our hotel and later catch the metro from 5th Avenue to SOHO. So, we made our way to SOHO and hit any store we thought would have clothes we liked; whether we had heard of the store before or not. If it had a good window display, we were in there!

My goal for the trip was to grab any major pieces I didn’t think I could get in Baltimore, MD.  Of course, my main stop was in Zara…even though there is a Zara in MD…it wasn’t like this Zara ;). This was the biggest Zara I had ever been in! After spending a great deal of time in store and purchasing a few pieces, we made our way to the metro.

When I tell you it took us about 15 minutes to figure out how to obtain and load a metro card…it took us about 15 minutes to obtain and load a metro card!  It is okay though because we are independent and could only ask a question once! After we finally got our metro cards, we took the train to SOHO!

SOHO had just about every store imaginable from urban wear to high end designers.  I stopped in stores like Nike, Adidas, Urban Outfitters, American Apparel, Mystique, Opening Ceremony and KITH (to name a few).  The majority of these stores CAN be found other places, but the selections are much larger! In SOHO my major purchase was at KITH, which you can see on the “Sneakers & co” tab.

After SOHO, we went back to Time Square.  It was about 9pm and I thought I would finally make it back to the hotel, but I thought wrong! My mom ended up stopping in the Loft and after asked me if I wanted to stop in Forever 21. I said no…but I’ll go to H&M!

As soon as I walked into H&M, I had a bittersweet feeling. Bitter because my feet were killing me, but quite sweet because it was the biggest H&M I had ever seen in my life.  So, my feet were on kill but it was worth it because H&M was like a club in Times Square! The music was jumpin’, the people were dancing, and spending all their money! I picked up these bomb black sequin jeans, which I will style in a later post, and accessories.  After, H&M we decided it was about time to go back to the hotel, grab some food, and sleep!

On Saturday morning….I woke up, threw the blinds open, and yelled “Good morning New York!” We grabbed Starbucks and hopped on the metro again, but this time we went downtown to Century 21.  Century 21 is a huge department store with designer clothes at amazing prices.  We spent a good amount of time in Century 21, but unfortunately I couldn’t commit to my purchase because if you aren’t confident…don’t buy it. After Century 21 we went back to the hotel because our city shopping was coming to an unfortunate end. All in all we did A LOT of shopping in 24 hours, saw just about everything we needed to see, and I learned some tricks for anyone interested in taking on NYC shopping!


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