5 Tips for Shopping in NYC

  1. Dress comfortable, street style

    You want to dress in something you can be comfortable walking in.  I was worried I wouldn’t be dressed nice enough, but street style is the way to go! You can still make a statement in street wear.

  2. Wear sneakers!

    You will walk so much! I wore my all white Nike Huaraches and my feet were still on kill after walking through the city.  You want to be able to shop until you drop, without your feet holding you back!

  3. Bring snacks

    Like the guy at the Zara on 5th Avenue said “there’s nothing good” when we asked about where to eat right on 5th Avenue.  Make sure you keep your stamina up by packing snacks so that if there isn’t a good restaurant near by you can snack until you find one!

  4. No Returns

    Keep in mind where you are visiting from.  If you buy an expensive piece from a store that you don’t have in your hometown, make sure you love it! If you buy something and don’t have the store at home…you may be at a point of no return!

  5. Shop for Pieces

    Shop at places you have never been to before for pieces that are unique.  I focused on buying things I know I could not find in Baltimore, MD. This will not only set you apart from the crowd back home, but focus your shopping on unique pieces to bring up your current wardrobe game.


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